Why dragons need graphs - demo files

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This describes the content of a zip package containing demo files from my talk Why dragons need graphs. There are two folders containing a create script and some query scripts showing basic, and more advanced syntax of Neo4j Cypher.


Demoes basic syntax of Cypher.

  • 00_Create.txt - Graph creation script
  • 01_SelectAllNodes.txt - Displays all nodes. Neo4j by default shows all edges, so it will show the whole graph.
  • 02_SelectAllNodesConnectedToMonster.txt - Demonstrates how to filter nodes type.
  • 03_SelectAllNodesConnectedTo.txt - Adds edge type filtering.
  • 04_MultipleSelect.txt - Shows how to select multiple nodes by multiple filters.
  • 05_SelectStrongestMonster.txt - Using two way relations (from left to right, and right to left), multiple edge and node filtering selects the strongest monster.
  • 06_ShortestPath.txt - Uses Neo4j shortestPath and shortestPaths to select shortest paths between nodes.

Text recognition

A very simplified example how graphs can be used in text recognition tasks. It gives the answer to the sentence:

Sushi restaurants in New York that my friends like

All select scripts are additive (they extend the previous one)

  • 00_Create.txt - Graph creation script
  • 01_SelectMe.txt - Selects node responsible for ‘me’
  • 02_SelectFriendsFoMe.txt - Selects my friends
  • 03_SelectSushi.txt - Selects ‘sushi’ food type
  • 04_SelectSushiRestaurants.txt - Selects sushi restaurants
  • 05_SelectRestaurantsThatMyFriendsLike.txt - Selects sushi restaurants that my friends like.
  • 06_SelectRestaurantsInNewYork.txt - Narrows the restaurants to those in New York.
  • selectAll.txt - Selects all edges.

Update And the video:

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