Azure for less than one dollar a day

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Short abstract

Cloud is a combination of extremes and lack of limits. In seconds, we can solve (almost) any problem by just throwing more CPUs, GPUs, and RAM at it. There is only the matter of cost. This talk will talk about money and how to spend it wisely in the cloud. Cloud architecture done right is cheap.


We, developers and architects, talk about cloud PaaS and SaaS offerings mostly looking at features, millions of requests a second it can process and how much easier it would be if we just switched from X to Y. What we don’t talk about is how much would it cost. Is feature Y worth the additional cost? How to design a cloud system that will have an acceptable financial footprint for the project to take off?

This talk aim is to help developers look at designing a system in Azure from a financial point of view. We will see how to utilize multiple Azure services to lover the cost, make better-informed decisions and in the end, design a better less error-prone and more scalable application because:

Cloud is cheap when the design is good.